What is Bellame?!

  • Who am I? Yeah, my name is Kaylee (king) Dennis. Married my high school sweetheart, we had two little ladies that I homeschool. Almost 5 years ago after we had our first child I created a home based business from a handmade shop that I own. From the success of that business I was looking to have multiple streams of income, because you just never know what’s around the corner. When I came across bellame I couldn’t pass it up. I have always been very into skincare and beauty product (I know good products, okay!) When I saw it was a founders opportunity, with a unique/consumable product, getting into the company at the very beginning, had a killer comp plan/bonus structure…. My business mindset starting turning and the more research I did the more I KNEW I would be dumb to pass this opportunity up. Well fast forward 4 months and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m obsessed with these products (yo, I cant wait for the makeup to launch in spring 2019 too!!), I am obsessed with the amazing ladies I have met through this journey, and I am obsessed with my future in this company!
  • Below you can find out allllllllll about the products, the company, and how you choose to get involved either as a customer or partner. Thanks for stopping by, you can always reach out to me for any questions!
  • 💋Kaylee

    Bellame is new luxury beauty company that just pre-launched in March and officially launched July 1st 2018! All of our products are free from harmful chemicals, cruelty free and gluten free created in a pharmaceutical lab in the United States while following European standards. We do currently have our Acqua Lumiere skincare line, but we will soon be expanding into makeup, body care, and baby care.

    Our skincare line includes high quality clinical grade powerhouse ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, Baobab oil, vitamin C ester, and malachite. But what really makes our products stand out from anyone else is our patented ingredient call INFLACIN, which is an anti inflammatory molecule that addresses the leading causes of aging (inflammation of the skin & dehydration of the skin) + a patented delivery system called SOLUXOMES which allows the active ingredients to penetrate beneath the skin surface to give your skin what it needs, when it needs it!

    (My own personal results)

    The Acqua Lumiere line is chemical free skincare that will actually perform and do something for your skin! We just leave out all the yucky harmful stuff! These products are going to help with your —

    •fine lines


    •acne / scars

    •sun spots

    •under-eye discoloration

    •under-eye puffiness

    •Dehydrate skin

    •dry/oily skin


    •dull skin + so much more!


    1️⃣Retail purchase = full price + free shipping over $100

    2️⃣Beauty Passport option 1 = sign up for autoship and get 10% off + free shipping over $50. (You choose your dates, cancel at anytime, no fee)

    3️⃣Beauty passport option 2 = pay $25 and get 10% off + free shipping over $50. (No autoship)



    We are currently just over 7000 partners in all of the US right now (as of 1/2/19), so it’s a pretty incredible opportunity with founder benefits for Partners who join by January 2019.

    Founder benefits include –

  • 1. Each month 25% of corporate sales go into a pool and is dispersed between all the founders in the company! (Yeah…. that’s a big deal!)
  • 2. When someone signs up through the corporate website without a partner, corporate will rotate and place new partners under a founding director. (Woot woot. That could be a major leg in your organization)
  • • Partners get 25% off on all products
  • We have an incredible comp plan. What I love is that you do not have to be at the very top of the company to start earning 40% commison! When you sign up you earn 25% commission on retail sales, when you promote to director not only do you start earning 40% commission, you also get those founder benefits if promoted to director by December 2018! That’s why joining NOW is important, it just gives you more time to hit that director rank!
  • We have an amazing QuickStart program which means DOUBLE bonuses for the first 3 months of business! This is to get you earning money quick while you build your team! You can earn up to $71,000 in bonuses within your first 3 months, (YEAHHHHH. That’s what I’m taking about!)
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