What is Bellame?!


Bellame is your typical MLM (multi level marketing, network marketing, social selling) structured company. It goes by many names but is all the same thing at the end of the day. You sign new people up and make a commission and the person that signed you up makes a commission and so on and so on. There are beauty products involved but most teams focus on recruiting and building a team because that is where most of the money comes from.


I used the skincare products for a full year and have nothing bad to say about the products personally. I love and still use the serum and cleanser! I have heard with my own ears and seen with my own eyes of people having bad reactions to the moisturizer/serum, but that can happen with any product line. I know plenty of people that truly love the skincare line including myself.


They did add two extra ranks in the middle and an extra rank at the top but everything else stayed the same to my knowledge with the comp plan above. It can be tough to understand comp plans at first if you are new to MLM’s. If you are planning on joining, it is very important that you understand what you’re getting into instead of just “JuMpiNg iN” (Please ask whoever you are signing up under to explain the comp plan and how you will get paid. Tell them how much you are looking to make and map out how you will honestly get there).

You can make a higher commission with bellame than some MLM’s if you get going fast during the QuickStart program (the first month you sign up and the following two full calendar months), and/or bring over a large team from a previous MLM.

Bellame doesn’t have monthly fees or quotas which is awesome. There is a quarterly $300 quota though. If you do not have a collective $300 in purchases from you, your customers, or your downline team then you will be taken off as a partner. It’s quite fair honestly because many MLM’s have monthly fees, monthly minimum purchase, monthly quotas, etc… but isn’t a good option for people signing up just for the discount.

Something I did notice was we did not get paid commission on your own downlines purchases which is why they can pay higher commissions in general for monthly downline sales (in my opinion). Many MLM consultants offer “kit napper” sales. This is basically someone who signs up as a partner to get the big discounted kits and use the discount for future purchases. This is very common but with bellame you will not get commission on these orders.

You get paid 25% – 40% on retail sales, but NO ONE orders retail because they can order with the loyalty program known as “beauty passport” to save an extra 10% and simply cancel their autoship if they want after. With beauty passport orders you are getting paid 20% – 35% commission.

If you wanted to focus JUST on Sales, with a 20% commission, selling 44 systems at beauty passport price ($242 cleanser, moisturizer, serum, eye cream and after discounts available comes down to $219 comm sales) per month, you could make $2000 a month. That’s you personally selling almost $10,000 in product monthly though.

There is something unique about the bellame comp plan when it comes to being great at sales though. You can earn up to an extra 10% commission the more you sell. You can find this at the top of the comp plan as “personal sales bonus”, but you still need to have partners under you to qualify for this. If you have zero interest in recruiting or building a team then this option wouldn’t be available to you.

What do I actually have to do as a partner?

You may have heard from the person trying to recruit you that “you can work the business from anywhere!” This is mainly true, but most people that have never been in an MLM don’t understand what they will ACTUALLY be doing on the back end after they sign up.

Some of the work involved:

• cold messaging (I would not recommend)

• sending samples and following up

• LIVE videos and social media stories talking about the business and products

• posting on social media often

• parties, events, vender booths

• adding strangers on social media

• attraction marketing strategies

• sales tactics

• personal development

• helping and coaching your team

That’s just some that came to my mind. At the end of the day it’s a numbers game and you ARE a sales person no matter how you word it. Your goal in an MLM is to recruit partners and make sales for commission. The more people you talk to the higher chance you have to make a sale or recruiting a new partner.

Should you join?

There isn’t a huge risk signing up as a partner honestly. Although, there can be a lot of smoke and mirrors glorifying entrepreneurship, working from home, staying with your babies, free trips, friendship, etc.

If you are outgoing, willing to put your life on social media, do LIVE videos, like meeting new people, great at time management, self motivated, willing to learn sales tactics and strategies then you could be great as a network marketer.

If you don’t like talking to people about the business, you don’t want to be on social media, you’re not self motivated, you’re not willing to make sales then don’t waste your time joining any MLM.

While I did decide to close the chapter on bellame as a partner and all MLM’s, I don’t regret anything. I had a positive experience with bellame. I made some really cool friends during my year with bellame and had a lot of fun. I hope this helped anyone who wanted an unbiased opinion and breakdown.

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