I Dew Care Mini Meow Trio review

I always love finding a good peel-off mask. THESE ARE MY FAVORITE. You can get all three of these cuties for $19. They will each have about 3-5 applications. Or you can head straight for the full size jars for $23 each.

Disco kitten – This one is probably the most universal. I do put this in my entire face alone sometimes. Love the smoothness and brightness it leaves your skin after.

Pearl Powder gently exfoliates skin to brighten the complexion, while Diamond Powder boosts elasticity and removes impurities to illuminate lackluster skin. Rice Bran Extract delivers vitamins that moisturize and improve skin’s texture, while the superfood Oat works as an antioxidant to keep skin healthy and strong. To take this mask another level higher, a White complex of Lily, Jasmine, Orange Flower, Elder Flower, and Magnolia replenishes the skin with rich vitamin content so skin is noticeably softer and tone is more even.

Recommend to use two times per week on whole face.

Sugar kitten – This one smells sooooo good. I also put this one on my entire face. Perfect for really dry skin!

A peel-off mask infused with real ruby and pearl powder starts out a shimmering iridescent emerald color then transforms into a soft holographic pink upon application. Rose water and hyaluronic acid work together to hydrate and revitalize dry skin for that dewy-looking, post-facial glow.

Ingredient highlights:

•Pearl and ruby powder brighten dullness

•Rose water boosts elasticity and calms irritation

•Hyaluronic acid hydrates and moisturizes

Recommend to use two times per week on targeted dry spots or whole face.

Space kitten – I wouldn’t recommend putting the Space kitten mask on your entire face, just trust lol. I did it and it hurtssssss to take it off. When I use the disco kitten I just apply it to my T-zone. Works great for blackheads and pore size.

Connect with your inner space goddess with Memebox’s Space Kitten Mask. A charcoal, topaz, and diamond powder infused peel-off mask shimmers with royal blue glitter for an out-of-this-world galactic black look. Volcanic ash and witch hazel team up to exfoliate skin, absorb impurities and control sebum, revealing a noticeably brighter complexion.

Ingredient highlights:

•Charcoal infused cream absorbs sebum, impurities and whiteheads

•Topaz powder brightens and exfoliates skin

•With hazel water controls sebum and cleanses pores

Recommend to use once a week on T-zone.

Give these a try and tell me what you think ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ These would also be a super cute gift under $20.

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